The Undercroft Issue #2 (print & PDF)

Image of The Undercroft Issue #2 (print & PDF)

A print and PDF copy of the 2nd issue of The Undercroft


Between the Cracks
An adventure to pillage a dead sorcerers home

The Pit of Flesh: A Bestiary
A selection of beasts

The Storkman
A creature who kidnaps children

Piteous Potions
Tables of potions for Sirs delight

The Briar Witch
A creature who enjoys her silence and solitude

That Which Slips Between
An indifferent creature of exceeding Otherness

The Snailing
Once men, though now possessed by the demon of greed

A story

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"The Feel - How does Lamentations grab you? What is it's mouth-of-the-horse aesthetic tingle? Not entirely decided on this, maybe Green Devil Face would be a template, in which case I would say that The Undercroft zine is making headway towards a cohesive expression of these feelies.. and perhaps exceeding some along the way."
-Wil McKinnee

(T)his is perfect for those who like weird, horror and LotFP. In my humble opinion there can never be enough material like this.
-Thaumiel Nerub

PDFs can be found here.